Tod Switch    Artist / Sculptor
Tod Switch, Bronze Pouring Tod Switch Tod Switch, Penland

Working as an architectural photographer since 1991, I have had many artistic experiences while traveling throughout the US and eighteen countries around the world.

Making the transition to the fine arts in 2010, I started by using what came naturally to me, visualization. I saw intrinsic beauty in found objects and transformed them into my own vision with the addition of metal, wood, and stone. Composition, form, and perspective, concepts I utilized daily with photography, are now put to use in my work.

My sculptures often combine different materials and fabrication processes. Many works are one of a kind or unique in a series, and I am available for commissioned works.

I have recently narrowed my focus to my new series, Keyholes! The keyhole shape is simple, iconic, and holds many meanings to me. It shows a past and also the promise of the future. There is something mysterious and even a little voyeuristic that wants one to look into it or pass through it without being observed.

My goals in public art are to appeal to the largest audience and have them say, “I wish I would have thought of that,” and to produce site - specific works of art that will stand the test of time.